Explore These 5 Must-Have Luxury Home Amenities

1. Theater

Imagine curling up in a large leather theater seat with some freshly buttered popcorn to watch your favorite film in your very own home. A luxury home theater provides a space for you to lounge in front of the big screen however you would like. You have the power to design your theater to fit whatever unique desires you may have. Whether you want to make the space the ultimate lavish movie viewing room by purchasing a great projector and home theater system that comes with all the bells and whistles, or you want to add fun elements like surround sound and a popcorn machine, you are in control. Below is a list of some cool gadgets to consider incorporating into your home theater:
  • Luxury reclined seating is crucial for comfort. Bonus points for integrated cup holders, a swivel table for snacks, and USB ports to charge phones and devices.
  • A surround sound system will provide deep bass and excellent sound quality to make the movie watching experience even more immersive.
  • A universal remote is a must-have amenity. Save yourself the headache of searching for your misplaced lighting remote by getting a universal remote to control everything—the lighting, projector, sound system, and any other accessories you have. 
  • Your home theater can easily double as a game room. Install some game consoles to enjoy playing on your massive screen with superior sound equipment. If you have the space, you can even include a pinball machine, a pool table, or any games you love!
  • Black-out curtains ensure you can watch movies at any time of day while providing the ambiance of a commercial theater and additional insulation. Motorized curtains are the way to go since they can be controlled via your smartphone or universal remote.
  • Wi-Fi-controlled lighting gives you the best control over the room’s atmosphere.
  • Bass seat shakers send vibrations through your seats during intense movie scenes. This small detail genuinely immerses you into whatever film you are watching. 
  • Finally, no home theater is complete without a popcorn machine. Having this salty snack on hand will truly round out the home movie viewing experience. 

2. Gym

Never wait for the squat rack again by creating your own private home gym. The ability to exercise at any time of day fits right in with your luxury, lavish lifestyle. There are countless benefits to having a home exercise room. Aside from location convenience, a home gym gives you complete control over cleanliness and the music playlists, all while ensuring you never need to share the treadmill with anyone else ever again! Your home gym can be as inexpensive or extravagant as you desire, filled with anything from a few dumbbells to several high-end exercise machines. In addition, adding a workout room increases your property’s resale value. Even if potential buyers don’t want to use the room for a home gym, simply having a flex space adds significant value to the property.
Designing a home gym doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Whether you prefer a weight room stocked with plenty of free weights and barbells or a yoga studio with mats and blocks, the choice is yours. Here are a few ideas to think about to help you get your home gym started:
  • Rubber flooring will amp up the durability of your home gym while simultaneously absorbing shock from jumping and reducing strain on your joints. 
  • A great sound system is key. What’s more motivational during a workout than listening to your favorite tunes?
  • Storage in the form of shelving, bins, baskets, etc., is essential for keeping your workout space tidy and safe. You don’t want to accidentally trip over equipment that was left lying around. 
  • Mirrors on the walls allow you to check your form and see progress in your workouts over time.
  • A large-screen TV can help you catch up on your shows while on the treadmill— killing two birds with one stone. 
  • Motivational posters, photos from your favorite vacation, beautiful artwork, or any decorations can be placed on the walls for you to look at and admire daily.
  • A mini-fridge stocked with your favorite snacks, protein bars, and beverages allows you to enjoy some sustenance pre and post-workout. 
  • A whiteboard gives you the space to write a weekly schedule with your routine and workout goals on it to keep you on track. 

3. Dressing Room Closets

Sure, walk-in closets are nice; but there’s nothing quite like having a decked-out dressing room to try on all your evening gowns and diamonds in preparation for your next soiree. A private space dedicated to your high-end apparel and accessories has become a must-have amenity for luxury estates, adding elegance to your life in an organized fashion. Here is a list of an array of chic dressing room additions to keep your closet both practical and beautiful:
  • Floor-to-ceiling and three-way mirrors ensure you can examine every angle when assessing if your Manolo Blahnik heels match your Chanel dress. 
  • Luxury cabinet doors and drawers should be a focal point of your dressing room closet. These key design features create a decluttered, open feeling to the room. 
  • A vanity, built-in dresser, closet hutch, or closet island can be incorporated as the primary storage element. Having at least one of these components eliminates the need for dressers in your bedroom, giving you ample space for more important things.
  • Overhead shoe shelves allow you to show off your shoe collection beautifully. Up the ante by purchasing a rotating shoe shelf system to display your designer treasures.
  • A plush bench, reading chair, or oversized ottoman distinguishes your dressing room suite from an ordinary closet. This added touch of refinement gives you a suitable place to sit and try on jewelry, put on shoes, or powder your face.
  • Go beyond the standard countertop jewelry box. Add a sit-down table designed exclusively for jewelry and watches to achieve a boutique-like experience. Not only does this add an organizational element, but it also provides protection for all of your fine accessories. 

4. Spa

Skip the traffic, used robes, and shared mineral tubs with your typical day-spas. Instead, relish some much-needed rest and relaxation in the privacy of your own home spa. Having total control of what facilities go into your wellness space is invaluable. When designing your personal relaxation space, you can include anything from an indoor swimming pool with a sauna to a massage room with fish tanks. There is no better way to commit to your health and wellbeing than by creating a space for improving your mental and physical wellbeing. Below are some benefits to having your own private home spa:

  • Stress has become an accepted part of modern living, and people need outlets to unwind. Having an exclusive calming space at home is an excellent way to decompress and reduce cortisol levels each day. 
  • A home spa can help you reduce aches and pains from exercising or hunching over a desk all day. In particular, a steam room can help decrease joint and muscle pains and relax your body.
  • Disconnecting from the digital world is challenging, especially right before bed. Using your spa as a tranquil sanctuary to unwind and ease your mind can drastically improve sleep quality.
  • Not sharing pools, massage tables, and steam rooms means prioritizing your safety, health, and time. You’ll never have to wonder when the spa was last cleaned or who used it before you.
  • A home spa allows you to spend less time researching spa venues and treatments and more time reveling in your spa at home. You can easily hire massage therapists, aestheticians, and the like to visit your home and customize treatments for you!

5. Formal Dining Room

Finally, the tried and true luxury home amenity that every affluent homeowner needs is a formal dining room. This space is ideal for entertaining and should be designed and decorated with precision. Hosting lavish cocktail hours and sophisticated dinner parties is easy when you have a room dedicated to enjoying the finer things in life. Here are some essentials needed to create an elegant gathering space to connect with friends and family intimately over fine fares and libations:
  • Formal dining rooms are often defined by rich and refined colors and patterns. Go classic by decorating with burgundy, charcoal, or cream and adding pops of turquoise or silver to brighten up the space. 
  • Wood flooring is a traditional and versatile option, though it does require consistent maintenance. Wood-look tile, marble, or granite are easier to upkeep and exude a luxurious ambiance. 
  • When purchasing furnishings, focus on the table and chairs. The furniture doesn’t need to match or be overly ornate, and there certainly shouldn’t be too much of it. An overcrowded room will feel cluttered and will be difficult to move around in. Buy what works for your specific needs; just be sure to focus on the centerpiece of the room - the dining table.
  • Traditional dining room lighting consists of a chandelier and matching sconces. There are plenty of modern takes on classic fixtures to construct the perfect, polished formal dining space. 

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